Cooperand actions are based on four distinct areas of work .

Projects at the destination place

In this work area we can differentiate development projects from the humanitarian ones.

  • Digital education
  • Therapeutic Support at Maín foster home.
  • Construction of septic tanks
  • Digital Management of Don Bosco Project
  • Supply of Medicines at the foster Home Eben Ezer.
  • Provision of food at the foster homes Eben Ezer, Casa Maín, Techo Pinardi, Hogar Don Bosco, Mano Amiga.
  • Provision of school supplies to the Don Bosco homes, Mano Amiga, Casa Maín and Ebe-Ezer homes.
  • Supply of clothes and sports equipment to the Maín and Eben Ezer foster homes
  • Hospitalizations and surgeries for the children residing at Eben Ezer, Granja Moglia and Casa Maín. 
  • Supply and repair of infrastructures at Eben Ezer and Mano Amiga homes
Sponsorship at Destination
If you become a sponsor of our organization you contribute to covering health, nutrition and education of a girl from Casa Maín. Above all, you succeed in providing this girl with the feeling that she belongs to a family.

Volunteer at the place of origin and destination
Cooperand volunteers work to transform and mobilize civil society, promoting social responsibility in order to contribute to the rise of a critical citizenship, which is ready to act and  achieve a fairer world.

Raising Awareness at the place of origin
  • Launching and coordinating awareness campaigns, promoting necessary projects, whether undertaken or in progress.
  • Managing and coordinating the annual training campaign of volunteers offering practical support to those who will travel to the different projects’ destinations.
  • Preparing documents and presentations of projects to different public and private entities that provide economic support and encourage their implementation.
  • Managing and monitoring the “Sponsors' Chain” project. Promoting frequent actions to maintain and increase the number of members in the project.
  • Coordinating and monitoring compliance with the requirements of active projects and managing new needs and emergencies at the destination country, Bolivia.
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