Stays at destination, Bolivia, throughout the year:
  • Coordination and distribution of financial aid provided from actions taken at local level in Andorra.
  • Coordination, supervision and support of human resources working in the various foster homes with our yearly Active Volunteer campaign.
  • Training and advice to human resources in the different foster homes we support.
  • Creation, coordination and management of specialized training courses aimed at children from the different homes.
  • Research and analysis of unmet needs by developing new projects.
  • Coordination, monitoring and evaluation of on-going projects planned and directed by Cooperand.
Activities in the country of origin, Andorra, throughout the year:
  • Launching and coordinating awareness campaigns, promoting necessary projects, whether undertaken or in progress.
  • Managing and coordinating the yearly training campaign of volunteers offering practical support to those who will travel to the different projects’ destinations.
  • Preparing documents and projects’ presentations to different public and private entities that provide economic support and encourage their implementation.
  • Managing and monitoring the “Sponsors' Chain” project. Promoting frequent actions to maintain and increase the number of members in the project.
  • Coordinating and monitoring compliance with the requirements of active projects and managing new needs and emergencies at the destination country, Bolivia.
Development of new vocational training area in Bolivia:
  • Analysis of the scope, planning, workflows, systems design, available suppliers and human resources required.
  • Selecting and defining strategies, methodologies, tools, resources, active support project management and implementation.
  • Development, piloting, implementation, contingencies, training, support and maintenance supported by an Executive Board.
  • Assessment, monitoring and modifications derived from price fluctuations or new requirements, which may be detected.
  • Preparation of the different phases: training, documentation, activities, examples, practices, assessments and evaluations of the training program.
  • One-year pilot test of the implementation of the system in the selected foster home.
  • Implementation of the project during its first phase in the foster home pre-selected in the pilot test.
  • Continuous training of the staff involved in the project monitoring and correcting any possible irregularities.
  • Implementation of the project in other foster homes in the area of ​​Santa Cruz de la Sierra for its further implementation in foster homes around the Bolivian territory.
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