Eben-Ezer Home

Foster home that houses up to 20 multi-disabled boys come from different public and private institutions, many of them from the street where they were totally discriminated against, exploited and/or marginalized because of their condition.

They are physically sick, malnourished, show behavioral problems and, intellectually speaking, inferior cognitive capabilities to those considered normal for their age. Since their admission to the Homeeach of them is being taken care of, provided with the love and the physical, psychological and educational safety they ever had.

Currently, the Home has:
  • Two classrooms (teaching / learning)
  • Two bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • A kitchen
  • Dining / activity room
Although the infrastructure is clearly inadequate, it is optimized as much as possible to develop guidelines for training in evolutionary development to help them in their quite conditioned future: as to the capabilities, skills and special abilities each of them must learn.

It is important to work also on the academic area to provide them with education and daily life activities and increase their self-esteem, enabling them to reintegrate into society, developing their full cognitive and physical, reintegrating them professionally in environments specially supervised and protected for this group.

Marco Nogales, who has over 25 years of experience in the area of mental disability in La Paz, started this project more than 10 years in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. He currently is director and general coordinator of the Home.

General Purpose
To provide protection to parentless children and adolescents with special needs, by developing their personal, vocational and professional management skills and to improve their quality of life and social reintegration.

Specific objectives
  • Developing independence and personal management
  • Empowering children and youths in professional terms
  • Preparing children and adolescents for as-soon-as-possible school integration
  • Implementing a «sheltered» workshop where they can develop job skills
  • Providing counseling for cases of abuse, emotional and sexual abuse, as boys who have lived harsh situations on the streets and their traumas are many and varied
  • Supporting children and adolescents in the areas of education and psychology
  • Addressing open and flexible curriculum choices at every stage according to the educational needs of children and youth
  • Promoting the participation of children and adolescents in community life
  • Promoting family reintegration of those children and adolescents who choose this option
Providing a Home and a transformative education where the formation of each of these children and youths is full, with capacity for change to bring forth an equitable, solidary and democratid society

To integrally educate children and young people with special abilities to be the protagonists of their own training, appropriately guided by capable, committed and upgraded staff who will enhance their capabilities through the acquisition of skills to meet their educational needs, related to self-improvement.

To develope, during their educational practice or dynamics, moral and ethical principles and values of solidarity, providing a quality education to develop their individual quality of life in the best possible way.
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