Sponsors' Chain

Sponsorship Management

THE SPONSORS' CHAIN is an initiative that was born some years ago (2006) at the hand of the President of Cooperand because of the imperative need from the different foster homes with which we work in Bolivia. Now, this action has become a vital aid due to the global economic situation which has forced a series of cuts in direct aid to the homes and has reduced their room for manoeuvre to help the children who reside in them.

We are talking about children who are abandoned and marginalized, and are now sheltered in these homes, where they receive academic and professional training as well as health care, both physical as psychological. This health care ensures an on-going support for their development and gives them the option of reintegrating society once they have completed their studies.

For 15€ a month, a child has the opportunity to access clothing, food, medicines, school supplies, health care, hygiene and education. But above all, the most important thing for these children is the ability to regenerate their total and absolute confidence in the society that has abused them since their early age. The relationship with a person who shows interest, affection, and attention for them, and he fact of knowing that beyond the limit of the foster home which has welcomed them, there is someone who is interested in them, is one of the best and greatest attests that can contribute to the growth of these children who were born without opportunities and were never given responsibilities.

Once the future sponsor confirms his interest in our initiative, we select a child and from that moment onwards, both our staff in Andorra as well as in Bolivia help provide a communication link between the child and his new family. We make sure the letters, photos or gifts, which the children keep as treasures, reach their destination during our trips. We also ensure that the acts of affection that children want to transmit to their new families get to the recipient. There are also direct channels of communication with the children, whether by e-mail, video conferencing or getting in touch with the foster homes’ managers. This communication link is as important for us as the economic contribution made ​​on a monthly basis. Some Andorran families have travelled to Santa Cruz to meet their godson or goddaughter and the experience has been unique.

Steps to follow
Once the decision to become a godfather or godmother is taken, the person has to send the following information, which is necessary for a good management and is exclusively for internal use (never used for any other purposes)

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact telephone number, mailing address and cell phone number
  • Details of Residence: complete address and nationality.
The godfather/godmother has then to notify his/her bank to set up an automatic monthly transfer fee with his/her name as a reference of an amount of 15€ to be effective before the 5th of every month to:
COOPERAND AMB LLATINOAMÈRICA: AD42 0004 0039 0001 2583 7013
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