Humanitarian Projects

Supply of Medicines
Every year since 2007, we have carried out several awareness campaigns in Andorra, which have several objectives, one of which is the regular supply of basic medicines for the children at Eben Ezer foster home. Due to the lack of a regular supply, Cooperand helps as much as possible, to provide a yearly supply of urgent medication.

Hospitalizations and surgeries

Similarly, with part of the resources obtained in the place of origin, we are able to answer urgent needs of hospitalization and surgery at Eben Ezer, Granja Moglia and Casa Maín foster homes. In many cases, operations which are simple and harmless for Westerners become a question of life or death for the children in this area, such as for example a fracture, appendicitis, an infection, etc.

Provision of school supplies

Every year, one home or another has basic needs such acquiring pencils for the children so that they can accomplish their tasks, photocopies so that they can simply attend school, study and consult documents. These low-cost products are not urgent but in the end and taking into consideration the huge efforts made in the foster homes they become crucial for the correct functioning of these centres.

Supply of clothes and sports equipment

All boys and girls of Eben Ezer and Casa Maín homes need to exercise outdoors, to enjoy leisure, cultural and sports  activities. In many cases, a summer camp, a visit, an out-of-school activity involves changing one’s clothes, wearing sports shoes, T-shirts, etc. This change of clothing is not always easy to obtain in the foster homes

Food supply

Be it a birthday party, an end-of-school year event or Christmas celebration, there is always an event that these children cannot attend because of the lack of resources. The support of many sponsors', volunteers on the ground, and many anonymous people in Andorra allows them to enjoy these events, in addition to the purchase of milk, meat and other basic which sometimes cannot be bought. 

Supply and infrastructure repairs

Cooperand also covers such things as: toilet broken by a boy with violent behaviour at Eben Ezer home, the replacement of bunks in dorms, the replacement of kitchen equipment, the purchase of blankets in a pavilion of 60 girls to withstand the harsh winter winds, of medical and hygiene supplies for medical check-ups at the foster homes, and many other small but important needs throughout the year that home budgets are not able to cover.
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